Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts .. Small Ideas.. SomeTimes Crazy thoughts of Two Best Friends .. about Business and Charity At the sameTime CrOSsed Our Minds every Now and Then ..

SO ..

My best Friend and I decided to start a business, SuppoRt BreaST CaNcer, and enJoY the Real Social life by Lunching our BusinESs 2Gether And SuPporting eachother ..

Fashionet, SweetyQ8, and Fskra designs are proudly Welcome You ALL to our bOoth this weekend in Movenpick - Free Zone.. in " L2ni Q8i ExPo. "

From 13 to 15 of may-2010

BOoth number 89

From 5 pm to 11 pm

10% of Fashionet , SweetyQ8, Fskra designs Profits will go for charity to support the breast cancer.. :)


can't WaiT tO See yOu ALL ;)

for more info please contact us :

email: fskra_82@live.com
K-Alqassar ( fskra ) : 97405057
SweetyQ8: 97756687